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The weather gods weren’t on Magneet’s side this weekend, just like they weren’t on the whole of Holland’s side this entire summer. It made me a little hesitant about how to make this trip and I decided to take the tram, knowing that I had to walk for another shitty fifteen minutes. But then something very Magneet-ish happened to me: A girl on a bike passed, asked me if I headed for Magneet and offered me the back of her bike. Within two minutes I was there and in already a way better mood than I had started.

Although the field looked a bit like a swamp, the organization was busy sucking all the water away and the sun began to shine. I was there especially for Grandmaster Flash, and convinced the boyfriend to make this hell of a trip and wade the swamp with me. The set was a little disappointing (not for you Beyonce and J-lo lovers, though..) but still fun to watch and see the GrandmasterĀ  scratch. The food on the other hand wasn’t disappointing at all. I’ve been there for two days and have eaten nearly everything. From indian curry to a goose sandwich to donuts with all sorts of toppings to lamb with couscous. I can’t tell you my favourite because they were all my favourite, but if I reeeeeaaally had to choose.. take the donuts. The toppings are the shit.

After this feasting on the food we were a little too fat and lazy to dance, but there’s a lot of other stuff to do. You could go on a Dixie date with someone and tell him/her your best hidden secret, for example. You could also invite your partner/sister/mom to fight with you with rubber sticks, while hanging on two ropes adjusted to the ceiling (also better to do with an empty stomach by the way). There’s some other weird stuff to do which I haven’t figured out yet (something with headphones and an interviewer in a weird cabin), but maybe I have time for it this weekend. The best place I found for my after dinner dip was without a doubt the shisha lounge: happy tunes, lots of pillows, blankets and shisha, and there was even an oil sheik, but possibly he was just dressed up coincidently.

Magneet is not the best organized festival with the hottest people and the craziest line-up, but it sure is something else. A very easy going vibe, very mellow people, everybody’s happy and a lot is created out of little money. Instead of the normal 11 till 11 program, Magneet stays open till 1, probably because of the lack of neighbours. The first weekend is over, but you have another three days to do a dixie date and eat donuts, to dance and to chill. Magneet is worth a visit in between all the other humdrum festivals, even if the weather stays as shitty as it is now. the campfire andĀ  the music will warm your feet, the food and the vibe will warm your soul.

xxx Fee

Foto Credits : Nana Prins


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