5 amazing restaurant experiences


“Vuurtoreneiland” is a summerrestaurant that is opened from May until September.
A boat will pick you up from the famous  Lloyd Hotel and brings you to this magical Amsterdam island.
Sheltered from wind and rain you will dine and wine in a glass greenhouse, that will fulfill all your Cinderella dreams.


In Skatecafe’ s restaurant is located next to their skateramp.
Skatecafe’s relaxed atmosphere will make you feel cosy and welcome.
Friendly staff, amazing food, a lot better than most restaurants in the city, and free entrance.
They also host events where you can find Amsterdam’ s chillest people drinking, dancing and roughing things up.Skatecafe is located in the northern part of Amsterdam,Gedempt Hamerkanaal 42


FS Hyena

We at Mrs. Mokum  love independent film houses.
Film Club FS Hyena is a colorful cinema in the northern part of Amsterdam where you can also wine and dine in their petit restaurant.Fs Hyena s a project by Lotte Smit and Joris Brieffies. They love to bring good movies together with delicious food and wine. Their cotton, candy interior brings you an unique experience in Amsterdam.




De Kas

De Kas restaurant & nursery is located in a set of greenhouses which date back to 1926 and used to belong to the Amsterdam Municipal Nursery.

De Kas cooks with the freshest, local ingredients, they grow their own herbs and vegetables in the greenhouses and gardens at the restaurant and their surrounding farmland.

Everyday they create one fixed menu, based on the harvest of their nursery, supplemented with the best additional ingredients from local suppliers.

Restaurant de Kas is located at Kamerlingh Onneslaan 3, Amsterdam.


REM Eiland

Are you looking for a unique dining experience? REM Eiland is the place to be.
A robust restaurant where you can enjoy the taste of great food in the first commercial broadcast station of the Netherlands: REM Eiland.
While enjoying our culinary delights you can gaze upon the port of Amsterdam.

REM eiland is located at Haparandadam 45, Amsterdam