Mrs. Mokum – A platform that reveals Amsterdam talent on and offline.

Mrs. Mokum wants to create an overview of all the talented artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, writers, designers, dreamers, creative and romantic thinkers of our time and the magic places they built for us to reveal Amsterdam as the inspiring and beautiful city that she is.

We are a platform, event organisation and production home that is always on the lookout for new talent to give them a chance to exhibit their products and thoughts on our  on and offline podium. This promising and talented group of people isn’t always able to reach to their public, with no possible connections made and step-up’s given this is a loss for us all.

This wonderful city is blossoming every day and we want to show this to the people of Amsterdam. But also the visitor who want to be a part of our world for a couple of days. Our team of writers and photographers show you their own and a redefined vision about what talented Amsterdam is. Mrs. Mokum is looking forward to grow, just as Amsterdam teaches us every day.


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