AMFI Individuals 17 x 18

Last Wednesday we got to attend the collection presentation 17 x 18 by iNDiViDUALS, a platform for new fashion talents of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI). Twice a year a new generation of young creatives, third and fourth year students, add a chapter to the iNDiViDUALS storybook. And with this brand, the AMFI shows Amsterdam is indeed a platform for fashion education.


The iNDiViDUALS show tends to always be fun and interesting, because you get to see many creations by a lot of different aspiring designers. The show was held in Loods 6, a venue in which you are greeted with an industrial vibe as you walk in. The runway was fairly dark and lit up by neon pink and blue fluorescent lamps.

When the models started descending down the runway, we noticed the designers made a lot of use of dark colors. These colors were accompanied by autumn colors like copper and green. The collection mainly consisted out of oversized clothing and soft, shiny fabrics, which created a cool contradiction within the male-female spectrum of fashion design. The pieces were often combined with a common winter item, like a wool hat or turtleneck.


We also saw a lot of sporty aspects pass by, with here and there a colorful print combined with black glitter pants, a combination of sport meets elegance that really spoke to me.
Another thing that crossed my mind, is that in comparison to some other fashion academies, this AMFI collection seemed more wearable and comfortable, which on a personal note is a plus for me.

We really enjoyed the show, check out the pictures below and judge for yourself!













Text: Miray vd Bend
Captured by: Janneke Nooij
Text Editing: Jinan Vyent
Image redaction: Nine Balk

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