This is Angéle Van Leaken, she is a singer/ songwriter from Belgium. Her history with music goes way back, she’s the daughter of the singer/songwriter Serge Van Leaken. Her dad, Serge, who chose “Marka” as his stage name, was part of the group “Allez Allez”. And her brother, Roméo Van Leaken is also one hell of an artist, he goes by the name of ” Romeo Elvis” he is a famous rapper from Belgium. The music of Angéle is a mixture of Pop and Electro, and her lyrics are French or English. She got send to a really strict Catholic school, but she luckily made the transfer to another school where she got to develop her talents like never before. And she joined a school for Jazz. She came of Instagram where she spread short clips full of fun and happiness, sometimes she even sang in them. And around this time in her life she started getting attention for her singing by performing with small organizations and releasing songs. The song that made her break thru was, “La loi de Murphy”. In English that means “Murphy’s law”, in the song she sings in English as well as English. Do you want to check out her music some more? then click the link below to go to her YouTube page.
Written by: @atmosphearr