Anna van Jaarsveld is the owner of La Fam. She owns the
company with her brother Renze van Jaarsveld. La Fam is
an unisex label with the biggest focus on suits.    The label
uses striking people that aren’t models. They   design their
own clothes as well as the photography and the    branding
of the label. La Fam is short for La Familia and is   suitable
for everybody. LaFam started in the summer of   2017 and
dropped two collections so far.

How did you start you company LaFam?
I started LaFam with my brother in the summer of 2017. I
studied for a bit in the Amsterdam Fashion Institute but
didn’t like the school system. I did not want to wait four
years to start with the idea I had in mind for La Fam. I have
been running an Instagram account called Tomboy looks for
a few years now. Tomboy looks is a platform focused on
tomboys and the way they dress.  A lot of people seemed to
like it.   After a while I noticed that   there was a market in
more tomboy clothing. I would get messages every day asking
where   people   could  buy those sort of clothes. I shop at the
men’s      department myself, but the sizes aren’t always right
for me.   That drives me crazy and that’s a big reason I started
my label. I wanted to make my own unisex clothing line that
isn’t gender focused. Every fit I make is wearable for boys and
girls in the same way. Because of my Instagram       I was able
to promote myself and LaFam. A lot of people seemed to like
the first drop of my line. Also, a lot of my friends wanted
something like LaFam.

5 Did you always have a thing for fashion?
One time a friend of my went to a sewing   class, I   didn’t   have
anything to do so I joined him. You can say it   was   by accident
that I found my love for fashion.
It   was  then  when I started
designing clothes for myself to wear. In     the  sewing  class  we
would work with pattern books and all  those  pattern  books  were
focused on the specific genders, that’s it.  After   that I   went to
the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, but it was not for me.    I did
not care for the sewing and all the theories, I just liked making
clothing from scratch and on my own terms.        Now I’m more
focused on the fabrics and designs.

What are your inspirations?
I follow around 1000 people on instagram and 900  of them are
clothing blogs and art blogs. I try to combine   fashion   and   art
with my own label. I seek for inspiration in a lot of places. I look
up to labels as Sunnei clothing. they are high fashion  with  a bit
of urban influences. Gosha Rubchinskiy   is one  of  my   favorite
designers ever. I like how he let his own culture, Russian,   come
back in his clothing. That is something I want to   do  as   well.   I
want to bring the Amsterdam culture back in my clothing.  He is
also a photographer. That is something I want to achieve as well,
being an photographer and having my label.

How do you want your label shown to the outside world?
I want to be innovative. I   want to   show   Amsterdam   something
new. I have a feeling there   are   a   lot   of   street   brands   at    the
moment, but a lot of them are focused on the skater world.   I want
to be me more alternative. A combination of the adolescent culture
in Amsterdam with high fashion is    something i want to   work   to.
There are a lot of suits for woman   at the ZARA   for   example, but
it’s not for the tomboys so I hope to  fullfil a    lot of   people   needs
with my brand. I work with a lot of squares and stripes, because I
like to wear it myself and I noticed that other people also are into this.

What are your running projects at the moment?
Two weeks ago I shot a video clip for LaFam, which I’m very proud
of. A crew and me filmed    some of my friends in de neighbourhood
of Amsterdam,   dressed in my clothes. The main focus were couples
together. There were gay couples as   well   as   straight    couples. I wanted to show that everybody can wear the same   suit in the same
way. At the moment I’m searching for an artist  to   launch the video
clip. In a couple of weeks my new line drops and  that is taking up my
time at the moment but it’s very exciting!  This line is more fitting to
my idea of the brand. There has gone better thought into it. The first
drop has been sold well but I made some beginner         mistakes. For
example, we ordered too many of the shirts. A couple of the suits that
were sold out are coming back as well.

How do you distinct yourself from other upcoming brands in Amsterdam?
A lot of the new clothing brands in Amsterdam are focused on one and
the same group. I want to be somewhere else with  my brand.   More to
the high fashion side. I want to combine art and    fashion   and   that is
where my focus lies. Also we are focused on the    more   manly females
and the more female men.       I want to be alternative.       After fashion,
photography is my big passion. I combine those two within my brand. I
don’t use models but capture people that are   close to me.    That’s why
the brand is called Fam (familie).   One of my most   used models is my
brother, Renze Van Jaarsveld,    who   is   also owner of the brand.   The
brand has to have that friendship feeling.   I   want to show    that to the
outside world.     All the pictures of LaFam    are taken by me.     I like to
photograph my friends in my clothing and it      works on social    media.
But i’m not where I want to be with Lafam yet.

What is your dream with LaFam en how do you want to get there?
I want to be as big as Gosha one day, that’s the dream! I want to have more
in depth photoshoots and I want to collab with a lot    of photographers I’m
a fan of as well. There are so many young creatives     in   Amsterdam at the
moment and I think that they get too less attention.     I   want to use this in
the right way.   My dream idea is   to work   with different     artist and make
collabs within my clothing.

What is the next step for LaFam?
The launch of the second collection and the videoclip  are coming up!
It’s a good representation of the brand. I’m going to different cities in
Europe next year to take pictures for LaFam.       Just keep on making
more collections is main the goal!

All the pictures of LaFam are taken by me. I like to photograph my friends in my clothing and it works on social media.


Text: Bella van Buren
Photo: Bella van Buren