Current favorites: Virgil

Once in a while we ask 20 music and fashion related questions to people that are involved with our Current Skies event. This way, you will find out the faces and their interests behind Current Skies.
This month Virgil Akuma Arashi Sana, one of our Current Skies ambassadors.

1. Favorite fashion brand:
My favorite fashion brand must be Palace! Every piece of clothing that they have just makes me fall in love every time I see it. Dezeep also has some cool pieces, same goes for the clothing line of SMIB!

2. Favorite store:
I think Size in Amsterdam, because I got a lot of friends working there.

3. Favorite clothing item:
The hoodie ofcourse! It looks cool and it’s comfy.

4. Favorite hairstyle:
I think my own hairstyle haha, I don’t really have a name for it.

5. Favorite song this moment:
Well, I got 2 favorite songs at the moment: Flight Facilities – Stand Still feat. Micky Green (Wave Racer Remix) and Soudiere – I can’t wait.



6. Favorite artist:
Wave Racer! I can’t even describe his music, it’s like the god of music himself!

7. Favorite music genre:
Future Bass, thats like straight up magic in the ears!

8. Favorite club:
Melkweg and Chicago social club.

9. Favorite city:

10. Favorite country:
Japan! I like everything of Japan, the people, food, music, culture and even the old myths.



11. Favorite magazine:
Hmm, I don’t really read any magazines, but I like the ones from Trasher and Vogue!

12. Favorite TV show:
The Dragon Ball series haha.

13. Favorite movie:

14. Favorite sport:

15. Favorite food:
Surinaamse nasi.



16. Favorite drink:
Fernandes Blauw.

17. Favorite person:
My mom, the best <3

18. Favorite memory of childhood:
Going to Disneyland Paris

19. Favorite day out: what, where, with whom:
Going to Cashmere Cat in Tivoli Vredenburg! I went with some of my best friends. That night was magical!

20. Favorite quote:
‘Just do you!’


Text by Miray van der Bend
Photo’s by Michael Jessurun




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