This new series of content is a series where we analyze outfits of people online on Instagram or Pinterest. We take a look at the trends of the outfit and where it comes from and what it’s potential is.

So, if we just take a look at the fit of the day.

This is a picture from the Instagram account, @culturfits



This is the heavy-duty belt, it was originally used for heavy duty work. But it has been making his way into the fashion world, as you can tell by the photo’s underneath. This belt resembles a gothic, tough and raw look. A few big and expensive brands like Christian Dior are doing their own take on the belt. You can order these really easy online for not that much money, if you don’t buy the one from Christian Dior of course. These belts look very good on a black outfit with metal accessories and a tough looking jacket. But they also go very well with softer tone clothing.




This is an old classic, you see these on old school punkers and bikers. But they make their way into the fashion world right now. They match great with chains worn on the neck that look alike. This way they add up for a great extra outfit item. It makes you look tough, especially in combination with a black outfit!! It also sometimes has a gothic kind of vibe. I’ve noticed that the gothic fashion influences have become way more normal nowadays. You can also order one of these very easily online, for not that much money. Most of the time you will see a guy wearing these accessories, but they also make girls turn into badass sexy women! They can be worn very outrages and very prominent. But they also can be worn very subtle as you can see in the picture to the right.





The magazine bags are bags that you wear on the side of your body. They were used in the military to keep extra ammo with you. They send out a very tough and gangster look. But other than stacking your ammo they are also very handy for keeping your phone in it, or your wallet. And you could even combine the wallet chain from the trend above with the magazine bag. It looks good and it is very useful.



This was the Loop the Look for this week, and we will get to you soon with the next one.

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Written by: @atmosphearr