Based on the very successful festival ‘First Thursdays’ from Cape Town, a similar concept is hitting the streets of Amsterdam. The guys from Stichting Stem van de Nacht, (which translates to ‘voice of the night’) will orchestrate a gallery takeover in the Jordaan one Thursday a month carrying the name One Day A Month.Together with young creative Amsterdam, they deliver an evening filled with art, music and city exploration. Showing that the world of galleries is not only meant for elitist art collectors. One Day A Month’s first gallery takeover will take place on the 29th of March, starting with 5 galleries on the Hazenstraat:

         Ornis A.
   Martin van Zomeren
   Stigter van Doesburg
   Wouter van Leeuwen

This is the closing event of the Hazenstraat Biennale – a shared project of the five galleries, where they exhibit as a group for the whole of March. In the near future One Day A Month will add more galleries to the line up, pursuing the magnitude it has achieved in Cape Town.

‘We want for ODAM to become a no-brainer, for it to be self evident to meet up at ODAM after work or study. As the event takes place at the beginning of the night, between 6pm and 10pm, visitors can get their cultural fix without having a hectic hangover the day after.

Stichting Stem van de Nacht is no stranger in Amsterdam’s event scene. Since 2016 Alex Hersée (24), Sjors Raatjes (27) and Jesse Nieuwenhuijzen(26) have been organising events in nightlife, during which art takes centre stage. The three friends didn’t feel connected with art in their hometown and that is what drove them to explore Amsterdam’s art scene. ‘There’s enough art to find but many people don’t know where to look for it’ Says Alex, pointing out the fact that art institutions and organisations here focus too much on a specific audience, which they don’t identify themselves with.
During the first edition, Patty Morgan, Primo Disco, Jazzy Jasper and Lord Akton will be adding music and other interactive components to the galleries’ running exhibitions.

Afterparty lovers are taken care of at Cafe Struik on the Rozengracht, where Sante Visioni will make live art with musical support from the Backyard Boogie Boys. Access to the entire event is free.


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