Our 6 favorite summer beers

Our 6 favorite summer beers

If you’re a beer lover like we are, you can’t go wrong in Amsterdam. Amsterdam based beer brands are popping up like mushrooms, so we decided to share our summer favorites with you.


Pieper Bier – Instock & Brouwerij Troost

It’s no secret that Dutch people are potato eaters, Van Gogh even said so himself. But now you can DRINK your potatoes with the new Pieper Bier. It’s a pale ale made from potatoes that would otherwise be thrown away by supermarkets due to overproduction. A great way to prevent food waste, without having to lift a finger.



Mannenliefde (men love) – Oedipus

Since we are pro-love, this beer couldn’t miss on our list. The label – a man breast with heart shaped chest hair – does not look tasty, but looks are deceiving. Mannenliefde has an alcohol percentage of six, but the citrus and pepper flavor gives the beer a fresh bite.


A(AH) – Butcher’s Tears

A(AH) was deservedly the official beer for the Sounds of the Underground (SOTU-) festival. Forest fruits with floral notes seem to be the theme of this summer-y blonde ale.



Gin Weizen – Gebrouwen door Vrouwen (Brewed by women)

Move over Gin Tonic, Gin Weizen beer is here. The beer is made in the one and only brewery in Amsterdam ran by women and has a gin taste to it. We like ourselves some girl power, so the Gin Weizen is definitely a beer you’ll see us sipping at the park.


I.P.A. – Brouwerij ‘t IJ

Brouwerij ‘t IJ knows their beer, so we weren’t surprised when the introduced I.P.A.. The beer is a 7% pale ale with the fruity and bitter aftertaste of grapefruit. What makes the beer even better is that you can drink it at their terrace beneath a mill. Does it get any Dutcher than that?



GAJES – Bruut

Recently crowned as the best Dutch bier of 2016, this beer is a must-try. It’s a bitter firmly dry-hopped beer with hints of citrus and coriander. As the website says: GAJES is ‘not for pussies’.

Image source: Emil Eralp

Text by Ashley Doogan