Photographer Luuk Walschot gives Mokum’s homeless a new face in his new series  Choose life.

`To what extend are you really in control of your own life?
Is your life solely based on deliberate choices made by you the individual, or rather on a sequence of events that shape and change you into who you are today.
Where exactly is the line between, on one hand, self-directing your own life and, on the other, life being ruled by circumstance?

The people I portrayed in the photo series ‘Choose Life’ have suffered and sometimes still suffer from homelessness, mental illnesses and addiction. These people are often negatively labeled by society, as if it is by own fault and choice that they end up homeless. I wanted to examine how much of this labelling is based on fair judgment and how much on prejudice. I chose to capture my subjects in black and white in order to emphasize their character and anonymity. Besides a physical portrayal, I also wanted to give them a voice, and therefore chose to quote each person (a quote taken from their interview, one that best describes their emotion) and place their quote beneath their portrait.

Looking back at this project I think that it’s a combination of the right set of skills and a fair amount of simple luck to get you where you ideally want to stand in life. Unfortunately, not everyone had had enough opportunity to develop the right skill set or create enough chances in life, and without any lucky breaks in sight to keep them afloat, some fall into a downward spiral. I am humbled by the stories that were shared and feel very blessed in life when put in perspective.`









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