Going out for dinner is a little gift.
Other people cook for you, get you drinks, take care of you.
You just have to sit back and relax. It may as well be one
of our favourite things to do.

And sometimes, just sometimes, going out for dinner is
so good it leaves you feeling like you just went on a holiday.
That’s what we experienced at De School. Everything just came
together. The location, the building, the service, the atmosphere,
the wine and last but definitely not least, the food. All these elements
lifted each other up and made the night unforgettable. From the
moment you walk in the door, till the moment you leave more than
satisfied you feel like a princess. Every dish served puts a little smile
on your face, not only because it looks the part but because the
creativity really pops off the plate. Some one in that kitchen is having
a lot fun and puts a lot of love in these dishes and you taste that.
See for yourself!

So that got you excited? Make your reservation here. Best decision you’ll make all day.

Pictures: Liza Sophie de Boer