This place is a perfect mixture of a fine dining restaurant, and a new fresh cafe/ bar. So, are you looking for a nice place to dine with your friends or family? Then we would suggest this place. Because of the big open space that this room has, you might think it is a really crowdy and noisy place. But once you’re sitting down and enjoying your dinner, it may surprise you how noisy it actually is. You don’t hear your neighbors and you can just have a really normal conversation with the person next to you without any noise complaints.
The food here is another big plus, because it is new, it’s original and not to forget, very delicious. And the way it is presented is also very original and unique. And also, the serves are great, you get everything explained what is on your plate and in a very kind and polite way.
So! does this sound good to you? do you want to take your friends on a date to PLANTAGE? Then click on the link below and enjoy your nice evening out.
Written by: @atmosphearr