It’s quite safe to say that       Instagram is the first app
I open when I 
wake up.      I love to have a good scroll
through nice    photo’s while 
having      a coffee before
I’m officially awake. I’ve listed my favorite 
on Instagram for you               (not in particular order).


26 years old      Melodie   Perrault creates detailed line
work tattoos inspired by the funny things that happen
in her life.    She mostly draws woman, not in a typical
way; but with a tail an demon horns, because a woman
don’t always have to be a angel.


Sandy van Helden is a Amsterdam   based illustrator
and designer.           She tries to delight and empower
people with her work by celebrating authenticity and
promoting body positivity.

Bodil Jane is an old favorite of ours. This
Amsterdam based artist has a colorful and
cute personal style in her work.      We are
big fans!


Jean André paints the women through his
sensitive and inloved drawings. Resolutely
modern, it seeks to seduce, make laugh or
give envy.       From oil painting, tattooing,
lipstick to black ink,      his medium fetish,
every          support   is good to testify love.


The illustrator behind           Petites Luxures likes to
maintain a bit of an intrigue about             his or her
identity.     With no name or age publicly disclosed,
all we know about the        artist is that he/she lives
in the Paris region and works as a graphic designer
and art director.               Despite various doodles of
masturbation,     fellatio,      and full-blown sex, the
uncensored account always stays on the right side
of vulgarity. As the illustrator explains, the aim is
to “create images             that are sometimes crude,
without ever being shocking.”



Text by Nine Balk


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