Current Skies, tape of the now: Slowthai

Slowthai, England’s next big thing!
There’s nothing great about Britain, he says, although hard verses and sick beats are produced by this talented fella. His shows are big, raw and exciting. From stripping down to his boxers and diving into the crowd: the guy has and does it all. No mercy.
He describes growing up as a time where he lived in his own bubble: a world that was comforting to him.

He’s described as a grime rapper, straight from the garage scene’s of Northampton influenced by the rap scene in London. His music is available on Soundcloud (the platform that he rose up from), Deezer and Spotify.
Below his newest clip and the song we listen to most at the office, enjoy!
 Images captured by : @alextrescool
Written by: @atmosphearr