Upcoming model Jill Megan on the key to success and being real. 

With her enchanting demeanor and beautiful face, upcoming model Jill Megan (22) has landed quite a few gigs via Amazing Agency, such as being one of the faces of American Apparel. Mrs. Mokum has the honour to chat to the humble, but sexy Jill Megan about her career, her secret to success and what’s in store for her.

Dare to dream

Unaware of the adventures that would await her, Jill moved from Southern Limburg to our beautiful capital a year and a half ago. It had always been her dream to live in the big city, but she wouldn’t have dared to dream that it would suit her as much as it does. “Where I’m from people would look at you funny if you said you wanted to be a model. So I’d never seriously considered it. I grew up with a more suburban bliss kind of mentality. When I arrived in Amsterdam, that mentality changed rather quickly.” Within no-time Jill got in contact with The Amazing Agency, an agency that for the last year and a half has made huge strides forward, just like Jill has.


Living in the city

Jill absolutely loves the variety of people she meets in the city. She quickly developed from a somewhat shy girl to a free spirit. “When the people you’re surrounded by are a bit more open-minded and free spirited, it rubs off on you. In my friend groups everyone is accepted for who they are. Every vision people have is spoken aloud, discussed and accepted. That’s a mindset people can learn so much from.”

Because Jill joined the Amazing Agency almost right away when she moved to Amsterdam, the agency has meant a lot to her. “They really helped shape into the person I am now. I’ve experienced so many great things with these people. We’re one big family who supports each other in everything. I go to places I’d never have gone to if it hadn’t had been for my work. Hip parties, big openings and events, trips abroad. It’s amazing.”

Her strength

Maybe it’s because of her Southern Limburg roots, but Jill still has both feet firmly on the ground. Because gushy or effusive doesn’t get you anywhere, she says. “I see straight through people who pretend to be more than they are to get themselves somewhere. I’m not like that, because people will always find out what you’re really like. Being yourself and having an amazing group of friends is the most important thing on this rollercoaster ride.” At this point in her life, Jill’s career is her number one priority. Doing things half-heartedly is not her style: when she puts her mind to something, she goes for it.

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12.000 Instagram followers

Jill is one of the faces of American Apparel. She’d worked in their store for a while, until she was discovered on Instagram. “One of my coworkers told me to post a photo wearing American Apparel clothing from time to time. American Apparel posts pictures of their employees on Instagram from all over the world. Because the brand sometimes used my photos, my own follower count quickly grew. Jill has done various shoots for American Apparel so far, and there are more to come. But her Instagram presence doesn’t just produce positive things. With 12.000 followers, there are always going to be a few negative responses. But Jill isn’t fazed by those comments. “I post whatever I like. If you don’t like it, don’t follow me. I’m not too worried about what other people think of me. As long as my friends and family know me, all is well. What I don’t understand is that men are always free to post half-naked photos of their six-packs and bare nipples, but many people still have a problem with women posting bathing suit photos. I really hope that’ll change soon. The female body is beautiful and sexy, and I think we should have the freedom to show it off whenever we like.”1!1

The powerful and gorgeous Jill sticks to her values and she’ll continue to do that when she’s taking over the world with her breathtaking appearance and heart. Check her out on the Amazing Agency (http://www.amazingagency.nl/index.php/faces/jill-megan/).

Photo captured by: Mrs. Mokum Productions, Timo Steenvoorden


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