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It may be the cheapest part of a pig, but also the tastiest. Yes, I’m talking about some good old spareribs. At Café Restaurant De Reiger vegans might become carnivores again with a secret recipe that has been used since the eighties. Mrs. Mokum put her table manners aside and ate like a beast.

“It was acceptable in the eighties” is a phrase that we could use for Café Restaurant De Reiger food history. Because thirty years ago this café wasn’t about good food at all. It was about perms and leather jackets. About being hip and digged. But then its current owner took over and made De Reiger into a café and restaurant. Bless this guy, for he introduced the famous ribs we love. People travel especially to our city to taste this heaven.

De Reiger is found in the heart of de Jordaan – one of the oldest neighborhoods in Amsterdam. This area used to be known for the working class and the many immigrants who settled here. Today it’s a complete mixture of all sorts of people. And it’s this mixed vibe that makes De Reiger not your ordinary bar to dine and have a drink. The old fashioned typical Dutch pub has a gorgeous old ceiling, which was restored completely after having been hidden by an awful eighties ceiling for years.

Maybe you’ve had spareribs before, but you felt kind of grossed out after you spent your meal chewing average meat off a piece of bone. You felt ripped off. But at De Reiger you’ll get “ribbed off”, and: it feels good!

xxx Liza


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