[metaslider id=1646]EYE, Il Pecorino, Café Modern, Restaurant Stork: Mrs. Mokum has tasted almost all the culinary excellence of the upcoming north of Amsterdam. But like they say: “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, and so isn’t the evolving north of the city. Another flower has popped at the IJ-river: Tolhuistuin.

It took seven years to transform the Tolhuistuin to its final form. It’s a beautiful place with a lot of possibilities, maybe a few too many for the Amsterdam local authorities. But now we can finally enjoy all the activities from this inspiring place, and yes there are a lot. Let’s start with the most important thing: the food. THT (the restaurant in front of the Tolhuistuin) uses the concept of ’shared dining’, and believe your taste buds will like this. From fried fish with wasabi mayonnaise to garlic popcorn, it’s one big explosion of taste.

The interior kind of gives me a Scandinavian feel, with the wooden furniture and green wall. If you’re full of food but not sleepy yet, go watch a summer movie in the garden. Do a little dance and continue the night with some live music and art. Amsterdam’s famous music venue Paradiso organizes concerts and parties every week, of course with the newest and hottest artists.

Smell, taste, listen, watch, dance: at Tolhuistuin and restaurant THT all your senses get stimulated. This old Shell canteen has turned into the cultural Mekka of the north of Amsterdam. From delicious food to garden sessions to renting a vintage bike, you never get bored at the Tolhuistuin. It’s the place where two parts of the city come together and together they build our Mokum.

x Liza Sophie

Where: Tolhuisweg 5
What: eat, dance, watch, listen – a cultural haven for all forms of art and music.
When: take a look at their online agenda (in Dutch) for upcoming activities.


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