Are you looking for a place where you can sit down for a delicious coffee and a healthy lunch? Then this is the place for you to go to; located on the “Valschermkade 19” in Amsterdam there is a cute shop called “Mama’s. They serve breakfast, lunch and little snacks. And if you like it enough to have al little party over there, YOU CAN! They offer a service where you can hire the whole restaurant down, and have your party, fully foreseen of food and drinks.

Click on the link below to check the website for even more info.

Coffee room

Looking for a cute, casual coffee shop to slide your laptop open and do some work in a relaxed environment? Then go to this place called the “Coffee room” in the heart of Amsterdam, on the “Kinkerstraat”. In the summer you can sit down in the sun in front of the shop on a vintage chair and in the winter you can sit upstairs in a cosy leather chair. Homemade pastries and really good coffee, what more does a human being need?
If you want more info, look up “Coffee Room Amsterdam” on Facebook and you’ll find everything you need.


Looking for an open environment? Relaxed vibes? Industrial inspiration? Got it! We have exactly what you need. A mix of a healthy and bleu zone kitchen provides a rich lunch, dinner and snack menu. With a view of the Amsterdam water in the background and a nice lunch, you can charge up completely for the rest of your work that you have left. This place is in on the NDSM terrain in Amsterdam Noord.
If you want more info about Pllek, you can check out the link below.