Tina Maria Elena is a half Danish/half French
visual artist based in Denmark. She specializes
in sensual and erotic art from a woman’s point
of view. Her work is primarily handcut collages,
watercolor and acrylic paintings.


With a soft color palette     and strong attention to
detail, Natasha Lillipore’s      illustrations depict a
playful world where unearthly women and talking
cats unite.    Originally from Colorado, the 24 year
old self        taught artist now resides in sunny Los
Angeles,       California. Her love for Japanese and
Chicano culture is evident,        as well as her deep
fondness for animals,       comics and decades past.


After working as a   graphic designer and creative
director for 20 years in     Europe (he also lived in
The Netherlands), Luis moved to Japan where he
changed his      career to illustration. His eclectic
approach and versatile   style, combined with his
art direction skills makes him a relevant addition
to creative teams and projects.    His work is found
on websites, magazines and ad   campaigns, but also
in art galleries and clothing. You can bump into him
in the Tokyo streets where he draws on his sketchbook.


Kot Bonkers’s     illustrations are     equal parts
funny and    horrifying in a peek-through-your
-fingers,   can’t-look-away       type of way. The
lines    and colors are   reminiscent of Picasso,
if     Picasso rendered         images of iMessage
screenshots and embarrassing Tinder profiles.


Anna Wanda Gogusey is an illustrator and designer
living and working in Paris.        
Graduated from the
ENSAAMA Olivier de Serres school of Art & Design
in Paris, her practice ranges      from illustration and
design to painting murals or making gig posters. She
is also the founder and             Art Director of Retard
Magazine      and the textile brand Unseven, and has
been tattooing her drawings on people’s            skins.