Nowadays, I follow a lot of different accounts on
Instagram. Most of those accounts inspire me in
a kind of way. Fashion, food, art, culture but also
a lot of pretty faces.      I made a short list of the 5
prettiest faces    (in my opinion)       on Instagram.


Tirza is an    Amsterdam based model.     I don’t
only follow          her because she has a beautiful
face, but also because        I really like her sense
of style; which I would describe as minimalistic.
She      knows      what’s good.     Oh, and I really
appreciate her young Sade         photos filling up
my timeline.



Besides that she is beautiful, she also has a great
fashion style.    And that’s not crazy because she
does styling assignments,   which you can follow
in her stories.  So a beautiful face, great sense of
style,  good feed and funny character.
All you need, right?


Micky has a real feminine style and i love it.
She makes   me want to drink red wine on a
couch with a cigarette and watch old french
movies.      She has a beautiful face and I am
jealous of her gorgeous eyebrows.       Well, I
think reasons enough to check this beauty out.



Last but not least.     I think Aiysha has a beautiful
unique face.   She looks beautiful on al her photo’s,
with or without makeup, modeling or just out bed.
She also has a cute   little parakeet, which is a nice
addition in my opinion.