Vincent King is an Amsterdam based portrait
and lifestyle photographer. Above all, this talented
photographer has a great eye for the female aesthetics.

While spending time with his muse Jeanne, Vincent King
broke out of his comfort zone and tried some new things. It
made him stronger as a photographer. Generally, Vincent
King is a calm and laidback guy. And that’s also what
he tries to bring across in his photography.

The setting is especially important. He has to feel comfortable to
take great pics. Instead of focusing on taking pictures, a session
with Vincent is a time to chill and get comfortable. He creates
a familiar and intimate atmosphere. Even though he takes
lots of pics from naked people, his aim is to radiate tranquility.
He doesn’t want to be the next best Playboy photographer.

Check out our selection of his most intriguing work.

For more work you can also visit his official channels:

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